4.1c | Cultivating Culture

As a change agent, the coach is expected to cultivate a supportive coaching culture that encourages educators and leaders to achieve a shared vision and individual goals.

The introductory session of the Digital Education Leadership Program set off to introduce us to the mission, vision, and values of SPU. Studying the characteristics of successful online learners also sets the standard for what I should be aiming to achieve throughout the program.

Through the Educational Technology Leadership module, I had the opportunity to dive deep and discover what it takes to cultivate a supportive coaching culture. The key ingredients included first understanding what successful coaching looks like, then learning the art of mindset and behavioral change, followed by the art of communication through language use and active listening. The skills learned were then solidified through a live coaching project where I learned to put together a coaching plan, conduct a coaching meeting, co-plan a project, and improving upon the project through the coaching process.

Inspired by this standard, I put forward a proposal in my school to appoint an Innovation Coordinator which has since been ratified and implemented. The main responsibility of the Innovation Coordinator is to continuously improve the school’s quality by providing better learning technology support to the Academic Faculty members. Since then, we have seen teachers more willing to experiment with technology and integrate creative ways to use technology in their lessons to increase student engagement.


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