4.3d | Personalized Support

As a collaborator, the coach is expected to personalize support for educators by planning and modeling the effective use of technology to improve student learning.

With the global pandemic stretching out far longer than we all anticipated, I have found myself needing to look for creative ways to conduct training especially when it comes to onboarding new staff members. I documented some tools that can be used to effectively support new staff members when they first come on board. Tools such as Microsoft Teams, Steam, Planner, and SharePoint can help make the onboarding training process much smoother especially when staff needs to be onboarded virtually.

I also outlined some tips and best practices for onboarding success including considering recording a video introduction for a warmer welcome. Other strategies include assigning a buddy system to coach the new joiner especially with navigating the use of new systems and also collaborating with and empowering line managers to balance out the human touch to the whole onboarding experience.

In my post on “No Child Left Offline: A Case for Coaching for Digital Equity“, I also emphasized the importance of Teacher Preparation Courses as a means to modeling the effective use of technology to improve student learning. I advocated that instead of just giving teachers access to the digital tools, they should also be made to participate in the actual use of the technology as that is the best way for them to gain the learning experience, by actually using it themselves.


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