4.4b | Digital Tools

As a learning designer, the coach is expected to help educators use digital tools to create effective assessments that provide timely feedback and support personalized learning.

In planning a Digital Literacy Workshop, I investigated a list of digital tools and resources for use in the workshop for feedback and supporting personalized learning. The tools included using Dot Collector and Mentimeter to get feedback from the audience. The interesting thing is that these tools are already integrated in the Zoom app so they come in really handy as tools to assist teachers collect feedback and assess student learning during online classes.

I also compiled a comprehensive list of digital tools for educators to promote vocational and life skills. Some of the tools like micro:bit and Lego Education’s programs offer personalized learning programs featuring hands-on, project-based STEAM activities for students.  In the Lego Education Program, students get to first build designated models using Lego bricks. Teachers can assess students for logical sequencing in building things and their ability to process and follow instructions. After building the models, students then connect the models to Lego’s programming application where they learn to design movements for the models using programming sequence in the application. The micro:bit project uses a similar model where students get to embark on project to first build and create something, followed by using programming sequences to control the behaviors of the model they built.

Besides designing learning for students, I also had the opportunity to design learning for new teachers in a virtual environment as we had to onboard new staff remotely due to the pandemic. This is when digital tools had to be used to replace an otherwise in-person onboarding experience. One of the biggest challenges in developing a fully fleshed out virtual onboarding program is the time it takes to create content. However, once created, the content can be reused, which helps with making training scalable and replicable.


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