4.5a | Needs Assessment

As a professional learning facilitator, the coach is expected to design professional learning based on needs assessments and frameworks for working with adults to support their cultural, social-emotional and learning needs.

Designing Professional Learning Based on Needs Assessments

I had the opportunity to put into practice my learnings in designing a Needs Assessment through the Program Evaluation I conducted for a newly-launched course in my school. The project included first conducting a needs assessment, then developing the program evaluation with the goal of determining the viability and effectiveness of the program in fostering academic excellence while instilling the social-emotional and life skills needed for children to succeed in a 21st-century society.

The Needs Assessment and Program Evaluation exercise created a good framework for the teachers to think through the various “ingredients” that made a course a success. As part of the Program Evaluation, focus group studies were also conducted with parents to seek feedback on what the parents thought of the course and the teachers’ teaching effectiveness. Based on that framework and the feedback received, the Academic as well as Administrative teams were able to make adjustments and improvements not only to the program but to the way the course and customer experience was delivered.

Through the comprehensive program evaluation conducted, I was able to come up with various recommendations for improving the course to the school. These recommendations were finally adopted by the school and the new course is seeing a healthy growth rate now.

In my post titled “Scaling and Automating New Employee Training with a Virtual Onboarding Program“, I proposed developing a Virtual Onboarding Program as a way to scale and automate new employee training. Before beginning the design process, I considered the needs and outcomes of the training program and also the needs of the trainee. Based on these needs, I shared some best practices for onboarding success to ensure a smooth and positive virtual onboarding experience.


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